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Doggie Fun

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Dog Coloring Pictures.

A great site to visit, you can nominate your dog to be the "Dog of the Day" DogOfTheDay

Happyland Adventures

Happyland Adventures is a fun platform game combined with original puzzle elements, a game full of surprises. Explore the big levels and collect various fruits for bonus. Save the Happylanders in order to rid the world of evilness.

The download includes a level editor making it easy for you to expand the game to your liking.

Happyland Adventures was originally written for a contest at which it won. The game also claimed an award for best use of SpriteLib.


A dog and a mouse together form a cleaningteam. The purpose of this game is to clean up where ever you are in each level. The mouse behind you cleans up everything where you go. Your task as a dog is to saveguard, because various annoying creatures are making it difficult. To rule them out you can use a waterpistol (push the ctrl tab to shoot) To win extra bonuspoints shoot on boxes. As soon as you have cleaned up, the green lights on the ground you walk on disappear.

Cooldog is a nice platform game for every age.
Note: Search for the envelope = pasword level, cursor tabs = jump, walk left/right et.

Dog Rescue - Join Dog Rescue Department

Dog Rescue is a wonderful adventure game for the whole family. You are to save the poor female poodles that were stolen and hold captive by mean dog enemies. Keep your DogRescueDepartment badge with appropriate pride and save all the dogs from the malicious dog-haters. Brave Doggy has to rescue all the ladies in mountains, deserts and Mexican fields before he returns to his rancho to wait for the new adventures.

Click on picture for download.

System requirements: 800 MHz, 128MB, DirectX 8.0.